hello stranger!!!! ^^

This website exists as my means of conveniently uploading my various works to the Internet, originally because I grew tired of using Google Docs and appropriated code blocks on Discord to send friends my scripts. As I've become more and more of a recalcitrant hipster over the years, I ended up sequestering my creative world to this place, so here we are -- on an abandoned typosquatting domain that I rescued from the dumpster of the Internet and made into my virtual secret base. It's not much, but as we used to say in the days of the real Geocities, "Make yourself at home."

One of the merits to having your own website, when compared to social media alternatives, is that you get to set the aesthetic and structure to your liking, hence my use of this pixel font (which may or may not be illegible to you) and characteristic all-black backgrounds. If you explore around, you'll find various works of mine that I've chosen to upload here for one reason or another...it's hardly a complete record of my creations (and emphatically not a "professional portfolio"), but if you like drawings of sapient animals or stories about flawed people, maybe you'll find something you like.